Newton’s Bulletin (2015 – 2003)

Newton’s Bulletin (2015 – 2003)


Newton’s Bulletin N° 5

Issue n° 5, June 2015

Assessment of GOCE Geopotential Models

Foreword (J. Huang, M. Reguzzoni, T. Gruber) – pag. 1

  • Evaluation of EGM 2008 and EIGEN-6C3stat by means of data from GNSS/leveling (J. Kostelecký, J. Klokočník, A. Bezděk) – pag. 3
  • Validation of GOCE global gravitational field models in Norway (M. Šprlák, C. Gerlach, B.R. Pettersen) – pag. 13
  • Evaluation of GOCE-based Global Geoid Models in Finnish Territory (T. Saari, M.Bilker-Koivula) – pag. 25
  • Validation of GOCE Gravity Field Models in Germany (C. Voigt, H. Denker) – pag. 37
  • On the accuracy assessment of the consecutive releases of GOCE-based GGMs over the area of Poland (W. Godah, J. Krynski, M. Szelachowska) – pag. 49
  • Assessing the GOCE models accuracy in the Mediterranean area(D. Carrion, G. Vergos, A. Albertella, R. Barzaghi, I.N. Tziavos, V.N. Grigoriadis) – pag. 63
  • Evaluation of Recent GOCE Geopotential Models in South America(A.C.O.C. de Matos, D. Blitzkow, G. do Nascimento Guimarães, M.C.B. Lobianco, I. de Oliveira Campos) – pag. 83
  • Assessment of different-generation GOCE-only and GOCE/GRACE Earth Global Gravity Models over Argentina using terrestrial gravity anomalies and GPS/Levelling data (C. Tocho, G.S. Vergos) – pag. 105
  • Assessments of Recent GRACE and GOCE Release 5 Global Geopotential Models in Canada (J. Huang, M. Véronneau) – pag. 127
  • Validation of GOCE Models in Africa (Hussein A. Abd-Elmotaal) – pag. 149
  • Topographic evaluation of fifth-generation GOCE gravity field models globally and regionally (C. Hirt, M. Rexer, S. Claessens) – pag. 163
  • Evaluation of GOCE Gravity Models with SLR Orbit Tests (M. Cheng, J.C. Ries) – pag. 187


Newton’s bulletin No 4

Issue n° 4, April 2009

Special Issue : “External Quality Evaluation Reports of EGM08”


Foreword (J. Huang, C. Kotsakis) pag. 1


  • Evaluation of the EGM08 gravity field by means of GPS-levelling and sea surface topography solutions (T. Gruber) – pag. 3
  • Evaluation of the EGM2008 gravity model (M. K. Cheng, J. C. Ries, D. P. Chambers) – pag. 18
  • Evaluation of EGM2008 by comparison with other recent global gravity field models (C. Förste, R. Stubenvoll, R. König, J-C Raimondo, F. Flechtner, F. Barthelmes, J. Kusche, C. Dahle, H. Neumayer, R. Biancale, J-M Lemoine, S. Bruinsma) – pag. 26
  • Evaluation of EGM08 – globally, and locally in South Korea (C. Jekeli, H. J. Yang, J. H. Kwon) – pag. 38
  • Results of EGM08 geopotential model testing and its comparison with EGM96 (M. Burša, S. Kenyon, J. Kouba, Z. Šíma, V. Vatrt, M. Vojtíšková) – pag. 50
  • Evaluation of PGM2007A by comparison with globally and locally estimated gravity solutions from CHAMP (M. Weigelt, N. Sneeuw, W. Keller) – pag. 57

The Americas

  • Evaluation of the GRACE-based global gravity models in Canada (J. Huang, M. Véronneau) – pag. 66
  • EGM08 comparisons with GPS/leveling and limited aerogravity over the United States of America and its Territories (D. R. Roman, J. Saleh, Y. M. Wang, V. A. Childers, X. Li, and D. A. Smith) – pag. 73
  • EGM2008 and PGM2007A evaluation for South America (D. Blitzkow, A. C. O. C. de Matos) – pag. 79
  • Validation of the EGM08 over Argentina (M. C. Pacino, C. Tocho) – pag. 90

Europe and Africa

  • Evaluation of EGM2008 and PGM2007A over Sweden (J. Ågren) – pag. 99
  • Evaluation results of the Earth Gravitational Model EGM08 over the Baltic Countries (A. Ellmann, J. Kaminskis, E. Parseliunas, H. Jürgenson, T. Oja) – pag. 110
  • Testing EGM2008 on leveling data from Scandinavia, adjacent Baltic areas, and Greenland (G. Strykowski, R. Forsberg) – pag. 122
  • Testing EGM08 using Czech GPS/leveling data (P. Novák, J. Klokočník, J. Kostelecký, A. Zeman) – pag. 126
  • Testing EGM2008 in the central Mediterranean area (R. Barzaghi, D. Carrion) – pag. 133
  • Evaluation of EGM08 based on GPS and orthometric heights over the Hellenic mainland (C. Kotsakis, K. Katsambalos, M. Gianniou) – pag. 144
  • Evaluation of the Earth Gravitational Model 2008 in Turkey (A. Kiliçoğlu, A. Direnç, M. Simav, O. Lenk, B. Aktuğ, H. Yildiz) – pag. 164
  • Evaluation of the Earth gravity model EGM2008 in Algeria (S. A. Benahmed Daho) – pag. 172
  • Evaluation of the EGM2008 geopotential model for Egypt (Hussein A. Abd-Elmotaal) – pag. 185
  • EGM2008 evaluation for Africa (C. L. Merry) – pag. 200

Asia, Australia and Antarctica

  • Is Australian data really validating EGM2008, or is EGM2008 just in/validating Australian data? (S. J. Claessens, W. E. Featherstone, I. M. Anjasmara, M. S. Filmer) – pag. 207
  • Evaluation of the Earth Gravitational Model 2008 using GPS-leveling and gravity data in China (J. C. Li, J. S. Ning, D. B. Chao, W. P. Jiang) – pag. 252
  • Gravity and geoid estimate in South India and their comparison with EGM08 (D. Carrion, N. Kumar, R. Barzaghi, A. P. Singh, B. Singh) – pag. 275
  • Assessment of EGM2008 over Sri Lanka, an area where ‘fill-in’ data were used in EGM2008 (P. G. V Abeyratne, W. E. Featherstone, D. A. Tantrigoda) – pag. 284
  • Evaluating EGM2008 over East Antarctica (P.J. Morgan and W. E. Featherstone) – pag. 317


Newton’s bulletin No 3

Issue 3 (Dec. 2005)


SECTION I – “Reviewed Papers”

BGI Papers

  • Calibration of a 3-accelerometer inertial gravimetry system for moving gravimetry (B. de Saint-Jean, J. Verdun, H. Duquenne, J.P. Barriot, J. Cali) – Page 4
  • Application of a least square spectral filter in correcting abnormal meteorologial drift of a LaCoste-Romberg Gravimeter (Okechukwu. K. Nwofor, T. Chidiezie Chineke) – Page 8

IGeS Papers

  • A gravimetric quasi-geoid evaluation in the Northern region of Algeria using EGM96 and GPS/Levelling (M.A. Meslem) – Page 18
  • Improvement of the gravimetric model of quasigeoid in Slovakia (M. Mojzes, J. Janak, J. Papco) – Page 27
  • Comparison among spherical harmonics synthesis methods for functionals of the gravity field (E. Fantino, S. Casatto) – Page 32
  • On the potential of wavelets for filtering and thresholding airborne gravity data (M. El-Habiby, M.G. Sideris) – Page 49
  • A comparative study of the geoid-quasigeoid separation term C at two different locations with different topographic distributions (M. Sadiq, Z. Ahmad) – Page 60
  • Outlier detection in CHAMP kinematic orbit data to be used in gravity field determination (C. Gruber) – Page 70
  • Latest geoid determinations for the Republic of Croatia (T. Basic, Z. Hecimovic) – Page 82
  • Terrain effect on gravity field parameters using different terrain models (Z. Hecimovic, T. Basic) – Page 92


Issue n°2, December 2004


Issue n°1, April 2003


Foreword (J.P. Barriot, F. Sansò) Page 1

SECTION I – “Reviewed Papers”

BGI Papers:

  • Ajustement des réseaux gravimétriques (J.P. Barriot, M. Sarrailh) Page 2
  • Proposal for the precise definition of mean valuesof gravity field quantities (C.C. Tscherning) – Page 8
  • Abnormal temperature response of a Lacoste-Romberg gravimeter and procedures for tropical utilisation (O.K. Nwofor and T.C. Chineke) – Page 11
  • Preliminary results in the achievement of the new gravity system of Republic of Moldova (Besutiu L., Neaga V., Nicolescu A., Lorinczi J., Ilies I., Besutiu G.) – Page 28

IGeS Papers:

  • Surface modeling for GPS-levelling geoid determination (M. Soycan, Msc. A. Soycan) Page 41
  • A Comparison of the classical and recent formulae of handling the effects of close and distant topographic masses in gravimetric geoid computations (H. Nahavandchi) – Page 52
  • Quasi-geoid BG03 computation in Belgium (R. Barzaghi, A. Borghi, B. Ducarme, M. Everaerts) – Page 75

SECTION II : “Communications and News”

  • Geoid and Ocean Circulation in the North Atlantic (GOCINA) (P. Knudsen, R. Forsberg, O. Andersen, D. Solheim, R. Hipkin, K. Haines, J. Johannessen, and F. Hernandez) – Page 89
  • The New ‘International Centre for Global Gravity Field Models (ICGG)’ at GFZ Potsdam (P. Schwintzer, F. Barthelmes, W. Köhler, H. Pflug) – Page 94