Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference of BGI are described in the IAG Geodesist’s Hanbook published each 4 years in Journal of Geodesy (see references herafter) :

Additional information can be found at the following IAG and GGOS links

Central Bureau & contributors

BGI has its central bureau in Toulouse, France (GET/OMP) and operates with the support of various French agencies (CNES, CNRS/INSU, IGN, IRD, SHOM, BRGM, IFREMER) and Universities (Toulouse, Paris, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Brest, Le Mans, Nice). Then, several french research units are strongly involved in the tasks of acquisition, compilation, validation, analysis and modeling of gravity data as well as in the realization and maintenance of gravity networks and in metrology activities (including quantum gravimetry) carried out at BGI.

BGI services also benefits from the close collaboration of other agencies from Germany (BKG), Italy (POLIMI), Greece (AUTH), Czech Republic (VÜGTK), Denmark (DTU) and USA (NGA).

The contribution of national institutions worldwide in charge of the gravity data acquisition is also essential for ensuring a long term usability and sustainability of the highest-quality of gravity data provided by BGI.

See also : Supporting Agencies

Staff members & experts / Advisory board

Central bureau (France)
S. Bonvalot (GET/OMP, Toulouse)
L. Seoane (GET/OMP, Toulouse)
G. Balmino (GET/OMP, Toulouse)
S. Bruinsma (GET/OMP, Toulouse)
G. Gabalda (GET/OMP, Toulouse)
F. Reinquin (GET/OMP, Toulouse)
A. Briais (GeoOcean/IUEM, Brest)

Correspondants (France)
S. Merlet (LNE/SYRTE, Paris)
A. Memin (GeoAzur, Nice)
G. Pajot-Metivier (IPG, Paris)
T. Gattacceca (IGN, St Mandé)
R. Degoy (IGN, St Mandé)
D. Rouxel (SHOM, Brest)
C. Salaün (SHOM, Brest)
G. Martelet (BRGM, Orléans)
A. Peyrefitte (BRGM, Orléans)
J.-P. Boy (EOST, Strasbourg)
S. Rosat (EOST, Strasbourg)
J.-D. Bernard (EOST, Strasbourg)
N. Le Moigne (GM, Montpellier)
J. Verdun (ESGT, Le Mans)

Other Correspondants
H. Wziontek (BKG, Leipzig – Germany)
V. Palinkas (VUGTK, Pecny – Czech Republic)
R. Barzaghi (POLIMI, Mila, – Italy)
G. Vergos (AUTH, Thessaloniki, Greece)
R. Forsberg (DTU, Denmark)

IAG Representative
U. Marti (FOT, Switzerland)