Grids and models

Grids and models

Global gravity models

WGM2012 global model

General WGM2012 is the first release of a high resolution grids and maps of the Earth’s gravity anomalies (Bouguer, isostatic and surface free-air), computed at global scale in spherical geometry. It has been realized by the Bureau Gravimétrique International (BGI) in the frame of collaborations with international organizations such as Commission for the Geological Map […]

EGM2008 global model

Extract regional free-air and Bouguer anomaly This page allows you to download regional Free-air and Bouguer gravity anomaly grids derived from the Earth Gravitational Model (EGM2008) released by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) – See References. Select a given area Regional grids (averaged over 2,5 arc-minute by 2,5 arc-minute) will be derived from the EGM2008 […]

GGMplus2013 global model

Download page Summary GGMplus data access GGMplus data can be accessed via the GGMplus download page [] Information on the data formats can be found at [] For more general information please see [] GGMplus data coverage GGMplus gravity data is available over land and near-coastal areas with near-global coverage, within 60 […]

Regional gravity models

Antarctica crustal thickness model

Antarctica crustal thickness model (Llubes et al. 2018) We present a global map of Antarctic crustal thickness computed from space gravity observations as presented in Llubes et al. (2018).  The crustal thickness model is provided in a grid Llubes 2018 Antarctica Crustal thickness. Please, read the following document concerning grids format readme. Other grids provided […]