How to provide data to BGI ?

As a service of IAG and FAGS, the final task of BGI is to give access to the largest scientific community to relative and absolute measurements of the Earth gravity field and related information. The permanent archiving of new incoming gravity data sets is crucial to improve the coverage and accuracy of the global gravity database and to improve our knowledge of the Earth gravity field. It also enables BGI to validate the gravity observations in a global reference frame and restore them in standard and unified formats useful for various users.

BGI currently collect & provides information on:

  • Earth gravity measurements (relative & absolute measurements ; land, marine & airborne data)
  • Gravity base reference stations
  • Other gravimetry-related information (bibliography, software…)

The contribution of agencies and institutions involved in relative or absolute gravity data acquisition is welcome to ensure the best service to community.

Contributors interested in archiving their gravity observations as public or proprietary data are invited to contact BGI or to upload data files directly from the BGI website. All kinds of gravity data (from land, marine, or airborne surveys as well as from absolute measurements) can be sent to BGI, with or without restrictions of redistribution to be specified by the contributors. ASCII data files containing all necessary information and quantities are preferred (station coordinates, gravity measurements and accuracies; gravity corrections; reference geographic, height and gravity systems, etc.).