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BGI contributes within IAG, and its components GGOS, Commission 2 “Gravity Field” and IGFS to several activities and Joint Working Groups (JWG) aimed at improving the global knowledge and accuracy of the Earth gravity such as : 

  • The realization of the International Gravity Reference System & Frame (IAG JWG 2.2.1)
  • The definition of United formats and processing software for high-precision gravimetry (IAG JWG 2.2.1)
  • The evaluation of Novel sensors and quantum technology for Geodesy (IAG JWG QuGe)

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BGI contributes to the evaluation of new gravity sensors based on cold-atom technologies such as (i) the first commercial Absolute Quantum Gravimeter (AQG) developed by MuQuans company (France) and (ii) the Absolute Quantum Gravimeter GIRAFE designed by ONERA (France) for moving platform. This activity also directly contributes to the new IAG Working Group “Novel Sensors and Quantum Technology for Geodesy (QuGe)” and more specifically to its sub-working group “Quantum gravimetry in space and ground”.

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BGI associated teams also contribute to the realization of gravity surveys and networks in the frame of national or international research projects with national agencies.

  • FR-IGN : French Absolute Gravity network 
  • FR-RESIF : French seismological and geodetic network
  • GEOMED-II Project : A new geoid for Mediteranean sea
  • ALP-ARRAY Project : A new Bouguer anomaly for European Alps

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