Quick view of Micro-g LaCoste FG5 / A10 absolute gravity measurements


Authors : Germinal Gabalda, Sylvain Bonvalot (GET/BGI, Toulouse, France)

Release : March 2017

Contact :,

Summary :

MGL_QuickView is a stand-alone JAVA / Linux application enabling quick view of FG5 or A10 absolute gravity data acquisition results acquired through the MGL (Micro-g LaCoste) “g” software ( This application has been developed at Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) and BGI for facilitating the analysis and validation of absolute gravity data.

MGL_QuickView reads the standard MGL “g”output Ascii files (project, set and drop files) and uses the standard graphical and mathematical Generic Mapping Tools(GMT) free library to generate a PostScript© plot file displaying in a synthetic way the main information related to the data acquisition. The information displayed from the original MGL project file on the results and the parameters of the data acquisition contains:

  • General information on site and project (site and project name, geographic coordinates, elevation, local gravity gradient and polar motion parameters corresponding to the data acquisition period)
  • Instrument data parameters (meter type and serial number, Rubidium frequency, factory height)
  • Acquisition setting parameters (number of drops per set, Drop and sequence intervals, Instrumental setup height)
  • Processing results parameters (number of collected and processed sets, number of accepted and rejected drops, transfer height)
  • Plots of time series of measurements (reduced absolute gravity values and their standard deviation) and environmental or instrumental monitored parameters (temperature and atmospheric pressure , Ion pump and laser voltages)

The graphical Java interface also enables updating the standard produced Postscript plot file with customized graphic parameters as well as selecting specific data sets.