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Bureau Gravimétrique International

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International Association of Geodesy (IAG) / International Gravity Field Service (IGFS)/International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG)

About BGI

The Bureau Gravimétrique International (BGI) has been created in 1951 as a service of IAG during the IUGG (International Union in Geophysics and Geodesy) General Assembly.

Since 2003, the BGI is one of the services of the International Gravity Field Service (IGFS) which coordinates within the IAG, the servicing of the geodetic and geophysical community with gravity field-related data, software and information.

The main task of BGI is to collect, on a world-wide basis, all gravity measurements (relative or absolute) and pertinent information about the gravity field of the Earth, to compile and validate them and store them in a computerized data base in order to redistribute them on request to a large variety of users for scientific applications.

Users are invited to make reference to the generic DOI : 10.18168 for acknowledging BGI services

Providing data to BGI

The permanent archiving of new incoming gravity data sets is crucial to improve the coverage and accuracy of the global gravity database and to improve our knowledge of the Earth gravity field. It also enables BGI to validate the gravity observations in a global reference frame and restore them in standard and unified formats useful for various users.

The contribution of scientists, agencies or institutions involved in these fields is welcome to ensure the best service to the community.

Contributors interested in archiving their gravity observations as public or proprietary data are invited to contact BGI :

BGI will deliver a DOI to any institution or author for archiving their own dataset resulting from gravity survey or gravity data compilation. A corresponding landing page will be created —> exemple

Data & Products


The database of relative measurements contains over 12 millions of observations compiled and computerized from land, marine and airborne gravity surveys.

The database for absolute gravity measure-ments was set up and put into operation in joint coopera-tion between BGI and BKG (Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie, Germany).


BGI contributes to the realization of derived gravity products with the aim to provide relevant information on the Earth gravity field at global or regional scales.

The products mostly used by scientific users are the World Gravity Map and Grids (WGM) which represent the first gravity anomalies computed in spherical geometry taking into account a realistic Earth model.

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Please contact us about data, publications, software, tutorials relevant to gravimetry that might be included on this website.

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